Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 mini to arrive soon in black


The Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. Which one do you go for? Well, if you’ve read our reviews and have made you mind up, here’s a curve ball, because Samsung have announced that both deices will now be available in black.

To be honest, there is a huge press release below, which they’ve somehow padded out to five whole paragraphs. It basically states that both handsets will have a “leather-like” black textured rear covers and bezels. They’ll also come with new ringtones and wallpapers.

However, although announced, we don’t know when they’re appearing in your local stores just yet. Doah.



Black Edition devices bring premium style to the Galaxy S4 series


7th February 2014, London, UK – Samsung Electronics today introduced new Black Edition versions of the Galaxy S4 and S4 mini. These new editions are the latest in Samsung’s effort to build on its commitment to deliver innovative technology with premium design choices.

Both the Galaxy S4 and S4 mini Black Editions sport a high-quality leather-like textured black back cover and bezel. In addition, the Black Edition devices come preloaded with a suite of eight dedicated wallpapers for both the home and lock screens as well as several new and exclusive ringtones.


Make life more meaningful with the Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 was developed to enhance the meaningful moments in our lives through its innovative features and superior hardware. It hosts a Full HD Super AMOLED display that showcases images at their very best on a 5-inch screen with 441ppi. Equipped with a powerful rear 13MP camera, the Galaxy S4 also boasts a Dual Camera function that allows simultaneous use of both front and rear cameras. The Galaxy S4’s new and innovative software features include Air View and Air Gesture for effortless tasks, while it also keeps people up-to-date with information about their health and wellbeing using S Health.

Experience the powerful and compact Galaxy S4 mini

With a 4.3” qHD Super AMOLED display, 107g light weight and compact design, the Galaxy S4 mini is easy to carry and operate with one hand. Though compact, the Galaxy S4 mini also boasts powerful performance, equipped with a 1.7GHz dual core processor that allows people to quickly and easily perform data intensive tasks. The Galaxy S4 mini supports many intuitive features and services provided by the Galaxy S4, designed enhance every facet of life.

Samsung UK will announce UK availability for the Black Edition Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 mini devices in due course.