£1 for £10 credit on Delightmobile


Sometimes it may be best not to ask how. When Derren Brown performs those crazy tricks and you can’t work how, you end up sitting back and just enjoying. Just like this PAYG sim card from Delightmobile with £10 credit preloaded. What you spend your credit on is your own business, but if you only had to pay £1 for it – that’s right, just £1, that’s a whole other matter.

Its not hard to work out what you’re thinking – “what’s the con in all this?”, right? Simples…. you can’t dial overseas using the free credit. Its UK only. Having said that, if you do top up a tenner, then you’ll get 500 minutes, 1000 texts and 1000MB of data. And if that isn’t enough, international calls to certain countries will cost 1p a minute. These countries include Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Nigeria and oddly enough, calls to a mobile in India.

It may be worth having a look at the delightmobile site in case you see something you like, and the £1 sims are currently available in Poundland. Fitting, no?
source: HUKD

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