Confused when comparing energy? Snap your bills with Snapt

Go along to any zoo or safari park and, when you approach the meerkat section, you’ll find a great deal of people mentioning that ruddy Compare The Market / Compare The Meerkat thing. It drives me potty. No I don’t want a fluffy meerkat, I just want my electic and gas bills to cost less than the repayments on a Ferrari please.

Anyway, as you probably know, working out electric or gas bills is tricky. Ask npower. They seem to be completely unable to work out how to send me a bill at the moment, so if the suppliers can’t work it out, what are we supposed to do?


Well, if you actually have a paper bill somewhere you can use an app called Snapt to take a photo of your bill and send it into the comparison engine of Compare The Market. They’ll work out what all that kilowatt hour / calorific value / dual-fuel / conversion factor nonsense means and will hopefully point you to a new supplier who will rip you off slightly less than your previous one. Result.

S**t. They told me not to say that.


Ah well, here’s a video explaining everything. It’s iOS only currently, so Android people (and you Windows Phone peeps) will just have to carry on turning lights off and wearing lots of jumpers (actually you can still compare even without the app).

Oh, and you get one of those ruddy toys if you switch. Woo.

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