Arsenal FC make a new signing…


You’d have thought that if no one knew how to pronounce your name it would make things a little difficult. It kinda makes it tricky to spread news if no one can remember what your company is called. Hoo-wa-way? Hoo-way?

Either way, Huawei aren’t letting that hold them back, and they’re making huge progress!

At CSP Towers we are already big fans of the P6 (reviewed here) and P2 (reviewed here). The Mate 2 is kind of interesting too. Charging other peoples phones is kind of a novelty…

Anyway, I digress. Huawei have made quite a big partnership here in the UK, they are the new official smartphone partners of Arsenal FC.

From now till the end of the 2015/16 season they will be getting quite a bit of exposure. It’s perfect timing for Huawei since right now (and this is painful for me to write as a Spurs fan) Arsenal are favourites to win the Premier League this year. No doubt Arsene Wenger will be calling all his friends to brag about it using some sort of Huawei device (probably not). Maybe, being partners, Arsenal will now be privy to the industries greatest secret, how do you actually pronounce Huawei?


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