Location, Location, Location. Google – We know where you’ve been.

Morning you lovely people. Want to try something?

If you’ve not disabled Location History you can have a peek into the Google “Big Brother World” right now.

Last night, I browsed around the www.google.com/dashboard and swam through the masses of information that Google has on me. The amount of devices it has recorded is insane, plus it knows all my contacts and which apps I’ve installed. But there’s more…

If you head to maps.google.com/locationhistory you may be able to see every single mile you’ve moved with your phone. Have a click, choose a date and bingo – there’s that cheeky visit to the off-licence. Boom, there’s that trip “to get petrol” where you seemed to have stopped at the betting shop.

It’s all there my friends. You can’t escape. You can’t get out (well, you can, but give me some artistic licence here). Google know where you live, where you’ve been, how many times you went there and what times you move about.

Details are sometimes lack a bit of detail (we assume it’s network location) and it seems to update at set intervals, but it’s still very interesting.




You went from point A to point B too quickly. You have been issued an automatic speed ticket. Thanks for using Google Speed Control.

You can perhaps use this to remind yourself about where you went on a certain day (or perhaps track your cycle rides or runs if you forgot to use a sports tracker). Either that or, if you “borrow” your partners’ Google details, you can see where they’ve been and when. You snoopy snooper.

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