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    Have you figured out a sensible way to filter different types of messages in the hub?

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    One of the biggest issues I find with Blackberry devices (and I think a point of much prejudice) is that they are exceedingly locked-down, and locked-in to their own technologies. Some of the questions I’d like to see answered is;

    1) Can you now use them with any other messaging services than BB’s own?
    2) Can you easily use things like GMail or even your own ISP’s mail services?
    3) How customisable is it? Which of the more popular apps actually do work on the device (I’m thinking official facebook, instagram, twitter and the like…)

    A qwerty device would be relatively useful to me, but only if it could do certain things. I administer quite a few servers, and use things like SSH, x-windows emulators amongst other things. I’d be pretty interested to see quite how varied the app-store is.

    To me it doesn’t really seem to have come on much since the last generation. I still have no more motivation to buy one than I did before, having never owned one of these aside from briefly and for work purposes.

  • en_croute

    Why is the Micro SD slot limited to 32gb?

    Is this an OS restriction?
    Does the Q10 accept SDXC cards, but only upto 32gb?

    Interestingly Blackberry Website says 32gb maximum too, but http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=4202&c=rim_blackberry_q10 claims: “Expansion:Slots: microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash, microSDXC”

    If it’s Micro SDXC, surely it should handle upto 2TB, and although the biggest Micro SDXC Card is currently 64gb, this is likely to change soon – the 128gb & 256gb full sized cards are already out there.

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    Hi there

    I will address all of your above points in the review, thanks for asking questions

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    yes khellan I have

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    I’ll see what cards I’ve got lying around to try out