• Steve

    I was looking forward to this review but there are too many things that dont make sense. You say the cheap exterior and issues inside create a paradox? thats not a paradox if they are the same? You then say the # key is above the enter key but your photo shows its the | key. The # is above the 3? You then complain further about the Keyboard more, the hard drive (which was listed as a good point in your initial impressions btw), the lack of functionality, the display and lots more but then conclude that you actually like the thing? Giving 2 shoutouts to acer for loaning you the laptop in the process. im sorry, i like this site but this is just badly written. not something i would expect from anyone on a techblog, least of all a senior editor.

  • PretendTechSite

    Somes this site up the last few months. Whilst the big sites are reviewing the chronebook pixel these shysters are reviewing the bargain basement model. Go back to the funny reviews in cars.

  • Simon Allum

    I stated that the keyboard layout is the American version hence what appears to be the key is actually the # when typed. When you press the # key above the 3 you get the £ as on a standard English keyboard.

    The hard drive is both a good point in that it is a large offline storage option however it seems pointless in the context of a Chromebook and what it is designed for.

    Finally, I’m certainly not going to apologise for liking a device regardless of the fact that it is not perfect, after all what device is?

  • Steve

    Nobody asked for an apology simon so stop being so defensive. Normally when you read a review you expect the author to tell you why they like it. Not spend most of the reviewing complaining only to say they like. As a reader I don’t know what I’m supposed to like about this device? Its your job to help make my buying decision more informed. You spend the entire review complaining about its flaws and only told us you like it in the last paragraph. With the keyboard mistake that’s your own fault for not explaining it correctly. I’ve never used a US keyboard so I wouldn’t have know unless I commented.