• patch

    but isnt this a vodafone problem not apple ??? mine is fine on o2 ….

  • http://www.jamiehoyle.com/ Jamie Hoyle

    It appears to be sporadically affecting phones on many different carriers from the research I’ve done. Thanks for telling us though!

  • jinnya

    Well I have already traded my old 3G in for a lovely Samsung Note II, No longer have to wonder if my battery will last until lunch and if I will be stranded by a map program that runs out of memory on the 3G. Solved all those IOS6.1 problems in one fell swoop!

  • samsungcopy

    what a stupid comment you know nothing about smartphones as you got a samsung phone…

  • Agreed

    I agree there. Comments about an iPhone 3G handset running poorly on iOS 6.1 is pointless anyway being as it’s not a supported handset anymore (3GS and higher only) regardless of any relation to this article which is solely aimed at iPhone 4S. If your battery was crap in the 3G it’s probably because the handset is over 5 years old, and you needed a new battery.

    I fail to see how you buying a new handset (which runs Android) “solves IOS 6.1 problems” ??