• http://www.mooedia.co.uk Tom – mooedia

    This does look good, if our mobiles could give us these fast speeds we could just use our phones as hotspots if and when we required to use the Internet on computers or games consoles. Could finally ditch the pointless landline!!

    I’m looking forward to when the other networks will roll this out.

    4G doesn’t interest me due to price and lack of coverage so really hope his helps to address that.

  • Ken

    Great post Adrian! I’d like to see both speed tests using the same server… above one of them is Newbury and the other is Bristol. Using the same server on both should give more comparable results (otherwise we could be looking at a server effect! )

  • http://www.amlr.co.uk/ Shortnwide

    Hi Ken, that was proving difficult to do (you can’t pick the server on the app unfortunately, you just have to keep trying), but I managed to get both on Newbury this morning.
    I’ve updated the story image and you’ll see the results are similar – even higher download difference though! 7mbs does seem to be top end for the One X and HSPA.
    Dan from the team has managed 30mbs on an iPhone 5 connected to DC-HSDPA, but this mornings 24.7mbs was the highest I’ve had so far.

  • Mike

    It depends how far you are to the transmitter when you use it. In remote area and during internet rush hour, DC-HSDPA is no better than 3.5G. I tried 3′s DC-HSDPA dongle and felt utterly disappointed, whereas kitchen foil easily boost your 3G signal. So do think twice before going for a DC-HSDPA phone or dongle.

  • Corey Bacon

    Can you tell me which model of 8x it was you used?.
    I have just ordered the c620e model, as I was led to believe that it supports dc-hspa+, but after googling it some more, I am not sure it does support it.

    Thsnks in advance