iPhone 5 Shell/Holster Combo

Over the last few weeks I’ve tested numerous cases for the iPhone 5 and today is no different. This is one of my favourites so far however. It’s a “Verizon Original” and comprises a snap on shell and holster.

2012 11 16 10 55 59

The case is made from soft touch plastic and features a criss cross design that my other half says reminds her of a Breakaway biscuit. 

2012 11 16 10 57 11

Outside of the holster the case is actually a rather good snap on style case. As you can see here the power button is easily accessible in the top cutout. There is a decent amount of lay on the table design so if you drop the phone the screen will get some protection.

2012 11 16 10 57 19

The bottom is also one large cutout with access to the headphone jack, Lightning connector, mic and speaker. How well this will dock is still unknown unfortunately.

2012 11 16 10 57 29

The volume and mute switch as easily accessible and has the closed top which I prefer to other cases that leave the top of this cutout open.

2012 11 16 10 57 47

The camera cutout is small but doesn’t affect photos. The case (like a few others I’ve tested recently) also has a stand built in but this one works in both portrait and landscape. This is useful for standing the phone up at your desk or for watching movies etc. The stand snaps into the back of the case and is flush with the rest. It’s pretty secure and doesn’t flap about.

2012 11 16 10 58 46

2012 11 16 10 59 08

2012 11 16 10 55 59

Getting the phone in and out of the holster is fairly easy. The phone slides in with the screen facing inwards so it’s protected. The belt clip is really secure. I can’t see an opportune thief being able to pluck this off your waist without a fight. 

Thie case is available from Wireless Ground for $19.99. It’s a great feeling case and the holster and stand are nice additions. The case looks nice whilst being functional. 

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