• Uncle Bob

    A sad indictment of the people of NY if this is their priority at the moment…..

  • fab

    apparently i wasn’t wrong when i thought that this “sandy” thing wasn’t that catastrophical… are people just stupid or did apple build upon those stupid people?

  • Joleen

    What they going to charge the iPads with? Wind power? Very sad to see New York looking so disjointed and segregated….hang on its always been that way!

  • Steve

    The vast majority of people in New York are able to go about their daily lives as normal. Power was still available to the majority of New York residents also. What do you expect them to do? Sit about and cry about it?

  • Anonymous

    Well I’m not going to judge – I should imagine some folks need a bit of cheering up after what’s happened. That said, I still don’t understand the demand for these things. I certainly wouldn’t be bothered enough about it to queue for hours in the freezing cold.