• Richard Trahar

    It also breaks the timer on my iPhone 5, 4S and iPad 3 :(

    Minutes work great but setting the hours corrupts the timer.

  • Anonymous

    they missed out that it will ever so slightly slow down all your devices and eventually make them unusable (see iphone 3g and ipad 1).
    Eventually you’ll get so pissed off with it, you’ll have no choice but to part with yet another 500 quid to buy the new new new iPad.

    i stopped playing the apple game a while ago!!!!!!

  • Richard Trahar

    The issue is caused by the time format. Switch to the 24hr clock and the timer works perfectly, if I switch back to the 12hr clock, the timer is corrupted again.

    This is definitely something Apple needs to address.

  • Steve

    I don’t see any other OS getting support for that long? What game do you play now then? Android where you don’t get updates for months and then support gets dropped after a year? or how about windows phone where the entire platform is split in 2? Or how about blackberry where the entire platform is abandoned and no current devices will be updated?

  • Anonymous

    just not the apple one. im all for support but then why would you want support for a device thats been hobbled by the manufacturer.

  • Jamie Hoyle

    Thanks for sharing this, just to clarify is that a problem that existed in iOS 6.0.0 or did it appear after the iOS 6.0.1 update?

  • 4FoxSake

    Still no fix for bluetooth issues, come on Apple!
    There’s hundreds of posts on the Apple Forums about compatibility issues with bluetooth devices since iOS 6

  • Richard Trahar

    Only appeared on the 6.0.1 update, worked fine before.