• Marc

    Only 1024×768 and 163ppi yet more expensive than the the Nexus? No thanks…

  • DecisionMade

    Plus no iOS 6 update???? I can’t get remotely excited about more Apple hardware running on IOS 6 at least until they fix the issues with it (Bluetooth, Wifi, performance, battery, crashes etc), my iPhone 4 has been disappointing since the update, and I wish I could go back to iOS 5.

    I feel sorry for those who bought the iPad 3 recently, when it was called “The new iPad”. Within the short space of 6 months that name is already redundant. Personally, I thought that name was daft anyway, just stick with “Gen IPad” nomenclature.

    All those rumours about Nexus 7 and price cuts, with its the low price already, along with the Kindle Fire HD, and Apple bring out something that’s £100 more expensive, at it’s lowest capacity, to try and compete. You can get nearly two Kindles or Nexus 7s for the price of Apple’s Mini iPad, and as a parent of two boys, that has made the decision for me this Christmas.