• eddie cooper

    Unless I am mistaken, this review is for the RAZR Maxx, not the RAZR Maxx HD.

    The RAZR is qHD with bad battery life.

    The RAZR Maxx is qHD with bigger battery.

    The RAZR Maxx HD is to be 720 with bigger battery.

  • http://twitter.com/SimonAllum Simon Allum

    you are not mistaken, errors corrected, apologies for any confusion cause and thank you!!

  • Shed

    I have this phone, the only things going for it are the battery life, the decent sound volume (at last i have a phone that i can hear, no more htc for me) and the looks.
    not a lot seems to work on it, the lock screen is awful and badly thought out, the notification sounds do what they want and need customizing on a regular basis, the social networking app does not update as it should and misses most of the information, the music player is bad and it is virtually impossible to make playlists, made worse by the may the internal and external storage is configured, many apps do not even see the sd card meaning having to move things to the internal storage, the sms widget only shows 1 sms and that dissapears as soon asit is read, i could easily double this list with things that don’t work, but will hope it is sorted with ics, but i doubt it.

  • http://www.metal-country.com/ Beikes

    I think you got a bad device.. My Razr Maxx is near perfection! I went from Samsung GsII and HTC One S, and Rzr Maxx is by far the better device! Everything just works, and intuition is wicked! So many little things, that together makes this the best smartphone on the market right now.