• Adam Treier

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ is in this price range and really is a premium device

  • http://twitter.com/ronnie_whelan Ronnie Whelan

    Review coming up on that too ;)

  • James Pearce

    Nice review Ronnie. My thoughts on cheap tablets are slightly changed.

  • holty

    i am on my second one and agree that when it works it is a good device but both of mine crash and also restart i thought it might have just been part of a bad dispatch but i bought the second one from a completely different supplier and that same thing is happing i would not recomend buying one 

  • Dawnwales

    just b,problem bought a joypad,problem already saying i entered password,which i havent ,cant get access now any suggestions

  • tommyb

    i am pretty crap with computers etc so i want to buy a cheap tablet for my 1st but can it display 800×480 screen resolution?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jelvon Jelvon Shadrach-Doran

    Great review! I understood most of it and can’t wait for my tab to come!!

  • Alan Skidmore

    I have never possessed one before, but am so far delighted with my newTab. I think that its capabilities are astonishing for the moderate sum paid for it, and it is great to be able use it too as kindle and read books on it. As one reviewer said, it is nice to be able to check Facebook or emails quite quickly as my Laptop although excellent takes quite awhile to boot up. I found the official review entertaining and educative and interestingly written. Thank you for adding to my knowledge.

  • Dodge

    PLease could oyu advise if you are able to use windows live messenger on the gemini

  • Zoe

    Thanks for posting this review. I managed to bag one for £69.99 with slimline case from Groupon and am now awaiting delivery. I was sceptical at first as most of my friends have iPads but have read some great reviews (including yours) and am now eagerly awaiting its arrival.

  • Dean

    do you have to or can you install antivirus/security software on the gemini joytab?