• Sds

    cheeky cunts

  • http://twitter.com/ian_norris เลи и๏яяเร

    Bit annoyed their removing the radio app, cant think why that has to go

  • Anonymous

    what happened to the update jokers

  • James Pearce

    Apparently the pure app looks up details on O2 server. I think this will be the most likely old app to get ported to the new firmware. The forum linked above has lots of people working on it

  • michael randall

    Very cross to have bought a joggler several years ago and after moving house some time ago finding time to set up the Joggler now finding the service is deserted by O2.

    I will have to visit one of your shops to check what can be done.

    Michael Randall
    tel: 01202-698 156 mob: 07526-701 045