Mi-Home the Miui Launcher is now available for all ICS devices

Miui is a custom rom for Android devices. Miui gives your device a totally different feel. The thing with custom roms is that yes they give you lots of nice new features, but some people just don’t fancy trying to break their phone trying to get these features. That’s where alternative launchers come in.

Today the launcher for the Miui rom was released for Ice Cream Sandwich devices. So quite a few of you may miss out. Here are a few shots to show you what to expect.

As you can see it is quite different. The lack of app drawer always gets me. But you can soon group your apps into folders.

As well as the launcher you also get the Mi-Locker app which is the Miui Lockscreen. Once it is installed you get access to hundreds of wallpapers, iconsets and different lockscreens all via the themes icon. You really can change a lot about your device with this app. I have been using it on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus this evening and it really looks different now.

So to download it head over to one of these links. The mirror is a bit quicker.

Download – http://bigota.d.miui.com/miuiapp/MiHome_095beta_100_1.apk

Mirror – http://www.mediafire.com/file/8036od24zzwi72i/MiHome_095beta_100_1.apk

Via – MiuiAndroid






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