• Dibbs
  • http://www.letscommunicate.co.uk/ Terran Brown

    Odd as an S2 owner and as a TAB owner….. annoying

  • Anonymous

    And Why no Motorla’s.

  • Patch

    is it just me or dose sky not look like they are bothered about android ?????

  • http://www.letscommunicate.co.uk/ Terran Brown

    Nah – like most companies they think iOS first for the masses…. in the UK I think the stats show its Android but hey hum….

  • Dave

    The i9100P is a later variant of the SGS2 which, curiously, the first version of the Sky Go app did not support.

  • GO Fan

    I think that it’s good that they are doing it this way, with iOS it’s only 2 devices, Android it’s 100′s of variations to get right… I’d rather them drip feed than take forever!

  • Patch

    but this is what im starting to not like… if other companys do the same route as sky they will always choose IOS first.

    I think its time Android looked hard at this. I came from the iphone 4 to a samsung s2 which i love but with doing this i see the pros and cons between each device.

    at the moment i do see myself going back to IOS when my contract runs out august due to the fact of a 24 month contract these days and the cost involed ..

    just my opion tho..