• GN

    Interesting – my ICS browser quick links pop-up feature only has 3 icons – is this 4.0.2/3 feature?

  • Ian Haylett

    Any idea when ICS will come to the Sensation?

  • Anonymous

    I’m running 4.0.3

  • Anonymous

    No idea but I wouldn’t hold your breath. My guess is late March at the earliest.

  • http://tom.morr.is Tom Morris

    Hopefully Cyanogen will re-implement some of the long-press features.

  • Billinge

    How do you find ICS on the Nexus S being a slightly older device?
    I currently have a Wildfire, which was fine as an introduction to Android, but as I like lots of Apps, it is starting to struggle, continuously running out of memory.
    I can’t really justify £4-500 for a top end device, but also want something which will work well.  I see the Nexus S is £199 Sim Free at the Car Phone Warehouse, which sounds a good deal, as I’m also not keen on long contracts, so would rather buy my phone, and run it for a good couple of years.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been extremely impressed with the performance of the Nexus S. Everything runs very smoothly indeed and it has enough memory that you should be be struggling with apps.. I didn’t hesitate to grab one as I think it’s the best handset you can get for £200.

    If you’re coming from a Wildfire S I’m sure you’ll be very happy.