• Matt

    You forgot the specs table, leaving a place holder.

  • Anthony Underwood


    What did you think of the keyboard. There are some reports of it being sluggish/laggy and hard to type long messages or emails?


  • James Pearce

    The stock Android pretty keyboard is pretty poor. The smaller screen and slight delay make the stock pretty poor. I had to install Swiftkey (goodbye internal storage) fairly quickly.

  • Anthony Underwood

    Thanks for the update. Sorry I see you do comment on it in the review. My bad for skim reading.

  • Emma78

    OK I completely disagree with your review. I use the phone mainly for music, texting a camera use!

    the phones has amazing photo quality and there was no need to install new app’s!
    the music quality was OK, a little crackly with hight notes but overall the speakers are fine for on-the-go use.

    I would recommend this phone to anyone!

  • Anonymous

    What clock and battery widget are you using in that last pic with the SGSII?

  • James Pearce

    The widget on the vivacity is beautiful widgets with ice cream sandwich skin and segment battery skin
    It’s the same on the sgs2 but using the honeybat skin for the battery

  • Anonymous


    Good to hear !

    Leigh Geary (Gears)

  • ozzie

    do you think the phone is good isit fast and if i download alot i mean alot of apps just like the iphone will the phone go slower ? apart from the battery life whats the bad points

  • beccaturner

    Im only 14, and want a better phone than my tokko lite.  I was wanting a good phone, but not something thats too pricey. I text quite a lot, and im kind of addictive to my phone. I would download apps, and would use it frequentley. Do you think this is a good phone for me?

  • anon

    Hi, im 14 and am looking for a new phone, thats better than the tokko lite, but isnt too pricey. Im also going for the phone as Pay as you Go. I text a lot and am quite addicted to my phone, so i would be using it frequentley, but only really using the basics. I wouldnt be storing that much information on there, however i owuld download some apps. Do you think this phone would be suitable for me?

  • John-F

    So it is not possible to make video calls via Skype on this phone, even though it has a front camera?

  • Hayls

    How do you turn on the predictive text function?

  • Alex Georgiev

    Flash is installable as there has been an ARM6 / ARM11 version available at XDA Developers for about 6 months now.  There is also a compatible BBC Iplayer.  The internal memory can easily be repartitioned (Vivacity TPTs), freeing at least another 80 mb for apps.  A2SD scripts enable the installation of apps onto the SD card.  Presently, I have 256 + 200 odd MB (total 450) for apps.  I could easily change the SD card apps (EXT) partition to 512 MB or 1 GB, totaling 700 / 1200 odd MB for apps. More than enough I’d say, if not overkill.

    Google MODACO ZTE CRESCENT and sort the phone out, including ROOT and Unlock.  The phone is excellent – all the shortcomings are irrelevant as they can very easily be overcome.

    The fish n chips crescent ROM includes Flash and IPlayer, as well as A2SD support. It can be found in the forum above (modaco). It comes with a choice of launchers – launcher plus, nemus and others.

    I use a 32GB class 10 SD card. You can not use SD cards on the iPhone, nor can you change the battery. You can do both of these on this excellent little phone. Yes, the screen is TFT not OLED, but no other phone has such a high resolution at this price range (480×800). OLEDs are great but not without shortcomings which TFTs do not posess. Swings and roundabouts.

    ‘You get what you pay for’ – actually it is not difficult at all to get a helluva lot for your money by purchasing this phone. Takes all of 30 minutes to tweak the phone using easily accessible Modaco guides.

  • Jan

    Thank you for your review.  I looked at one of these in Oxford today in the T mobile shop.  I don’t know much about these phones, I have a slider one atm, but wanted to be up to date and get one with internet on.  (I am older so need info).  It was compared to the San Fransisco and that is the one I was originally going for. 

  • Dmytro

    Hi, all!
    Please describe more detail about battery life. For example how long time one can see DivX video?
    Also please answer the question below about video calls in Skype.
    Thank you.

  • Xjade-rx

    My Vivacity was working fine and sudenly it won’t turn on properly. It will turn on but gets stuck on the start-up screen where T-Mobile appears, and just keeps refreshing this page. Any idea why?

  • Deanp89

    my vivacity is ok, the battery life is poor i think personally, i have even tried turning off all widgets and the apps that run constantly and and i can only get 4 hours tops before the phone decides to scream at me.
    after a week or so of having the phone the touchscreen became a right bugger to use now and again. wouldnt slide to unlock properly, texting can be a bit annoying when the phone decides to do what it wants as it will start typing random letters and then the auto correct feature takes over and adds stupid words.
    other than that, the phone is a great little phone, its a shame it doesnt have the widgets what you can get on htc (i.e, the weather etc)
    would be a great first android phone for a young kid or someone new to the smartphone industry.
    and at £100, it was a bargain.

  • http://twitter.com/Dr_Fod Dr Fod

    I love this phone, the battery life is very good, I don’t understand the comment that it isn’t. You must have an issue or an app that is draining the life out of the phone.

    I think the build quality is just fine, the back case is flimsy but only when you’re trying ot get it off, once it’s on it’s fine.

    Don’t really care for the lack of iplayer or flash, does anyone really want to watch TV on a small screen?

    The only issue I have with the phone is the issue that the astronomy apps don’t seem to work with this phone, they load but the sky never seems to orientate itself correctly, I’ve searched on the internet and it seems to be a common issue.

  • Sox

    Thanks Alex for pointing towards the rooting and ROMs. Highly recommended to get the most from the phone.

    Thank you James Pearce for the review, but please be careful saying the headphones can be used for taking calls whilst driving. In the UK it is illegal to use a mobile phone, even hands free, when driving.

  • /–

    this phone has been trouble from the start with me! have sent it back twice and needs to go back again, i have only had it for 3 months, takes about an hour to turn on, does what it please, slow, sticks, freezes and battery life is poor

  • Prashant

    This is my 2nd ZTE phone (first being a ZTE Amoled Blade) and a very nice one for the price of £89.99.   Overall the mobile is a very nice piece of hardware for the price. Its got all the features of any other HTC, Samsung phones. The battery life is about 2 days or more if you disable 3G network connections and install a simple battery saver app off the google market. Space issues can be fixed with apps2SD that moves software from mobile to microSD card. 
    I chose it over Samsung Ace, unlocked it on my own thanks to Cyanogenmod, Go Launcher app fixes some glitches with android keyboard. Only con is the front cam doesn’t work with skype. 

  • Starburstlover

    I’m currently experiencing the exact same problem, was you able to get this fixed, if so, how?

  • xcftvgyb

    This is happening to my phone aswell, it’s annoying because I only had it for a month!

  • poppyjade135

    i have this phone and it has nothing but broke for me , i try get on my gallery and it doesnt work , i usually have to restart it to get it working or keep clicking on and off the gallery also the touch scree doesnt work sometimes , i have had this for a couple of months , sent it to shore 2 times now ,its been nothing but trouble , my family and friends said the same , it is cheap but not that good if you had a problems like me

  • poppyjade135

    store not shore*

  • tray brown

    I wanted to but this phone to give to my wife so we can skype; did you say that skpye does not work on the phone?

  • tray brown

    I wanted to buy this phone to give to my wife so we can skype; did you say that skpye does not work on the phone?

  • jayce

    skype will work but only for calling but there is no video.

  • erik

    I keep getting a symbol of a box with the top left corner cut off with and an exclamation mark in it and l can’t get the internet without taking the battery out to reset the phone.
    Any ideas?

  • reg

    Me too.

    Shortly before it started doing this I got a message telling me I had run out of space and had to delete something. I suspect there isn’t enough room for temp files or something and android can’t start because of this. Have tried several solutions including trying a firmware upgrade via the zte tool and an in handset factory reset but no joy. Warranty repair methinks.

  • Mrs. Janice Wallis

    Hello, please help me. I have a t mobile vivacity mobile and I can’t log out of facebook on it, so I am continuously logged into it. Please would like help to log out.