• Terry

    Typical – yet another one turns up before I committed to the Cha Cha

    I must have a qwerty bar Android phone (my fingers are just not suited to an onscreen keyboard  - even with Swiftkey installed).

    The portrait orientation should help the screen here – as long as it’s got a lanyard loop !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brett-Eliot/100002219400731 Brett Eliot

    LG is still struggling in making its name in the smartphones market. I hope it develops a strong brand now but dude needs to beat the big fishes.


  • http://www.mooedia.co.uk Tom – mooedia

    I’m surprised Samsung hasn’t made any QWERTY android phones. I used to love their Black Jack or i360 windows mobile phones they did. They rocked!

  • James Pearce

    Hi Tom

    Samsung have the Galaxy Pro. Similiar spec. Plagued by Android not handling native landscape devices very well. 3 do the Galaxy Pro quite cheaply on pay as you go.

  • Me

    If the Cha Cha came in Black and didn’t have the excessive facebook integration I’d snap it up, I hope HTC release a tweaked version.  The LG looks a bit plasticy, that + the QVGA screen make it a non-runner.