HTC Mozart coming to Orange UK – Support pages online

Well hello. What’s this ? A HTC Mozart support page on the Orange website? Well, I guess that’s confirmation that the network will be getting this particular device. We knew already that Orange are a “Key Partner” in all this but this is the first time that the Mozart has been specifically linked with Orange.

Click on to view the support pages or have a gander at the specs from our earlier story. It looks like the Mozart has a HTC Legend-style battery and SIM-card compartment.. it’s just a pity there’s no microSD card in there :(

Link – HTC Mozart Orange Support PageGallery
Credit – Chanser

UPDATE: Yup it now seems like the pages have been taken offline by Orange.  Look’s like someone jumped the gun a bit and published something they hoped no one would see yet

This will probably get pulled off-line soon, so here’s the pics. It looks like so many of you have clicked the link that it’s now one of the “Most viewed” support pages on Orange… ;)

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