HTC Hero 2.1 Upgrade HAS ARRIVED!

Following our earlier story just hours ago it now seems that the HTC Hero 2.1 update is indeed being delivered to handsets here in the UK. This is a shot from Ant, who’s just had a prompt on his unlocked HTC Hero just minutes ago.

It’s a whacking 79.88MB download, so we’d recommend using WiFi to grab this. Once you do get it you’ll have all the fun and functionality of a HTC Legend.

Check yours out by forcing an update in the system updates screen. We’ve included more shots below. Let us know whether it’s arrived for you. Oh, and while you’re doing the upgrade, don’t worry if it gets “stuck” at around 75%, it will continue after a short wait.

Update – It will keep all your apps too. As for the Orange, T-Mobile (G2 Touch) and other versions, I’m afraid the waiting game isn’t over as yet. It’s annoying – I know, but the only other way to update these handsets is the “unofficial way”. Otherwise, it’s a wait until the Orange / T-Mobile flavoured versions have been mixed together.

Credit – Ant