Welcome to the Little and Large show!

Welcome to the Little and Large show! I have a question for you. Can you guess which of these handsets is brand new? Sorry, you’re wrong, it is in fact both of them. Yes, both of them.

Pictured is the green HTC Touch with its’ innovative finger touch technology, diminutive size and Windows Mobile 6 operating system. Next to it is the, ahem, slightly larger HTC P6300, aka the HTC Panda or o2 XDA. It’s got an archetypal design, rather generous proportions and Windows Mobile ….. 5.

I’m writing a review on this iPaq-esque device right now and you can read on for more comparison shots. I’m really not sure what to say. It’s definitely lighter than I expected and the camera quality is good, but the design and size is, like, sooo 1999, err.. dude.

Link – HTC P6300