Mockodile not enough? Goldgenie helps…

Sometimes mockodile is just not enough, or so I’m told. If you have large amounts of cash you need to part with and a desire to flaunt it with an iOS or Android device, Goldgenie might be a company with something to offer you. They even have

Cyanogen OS 12.1 OTA update now available

Cyanogen OS, the corporate arm of the Cyanogenmod third party operating system based on Android, has released version 12.1 (based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1) and it is available to download now. If you have a device running it then choose Settings, About Phone, System Updates and if

Improvements made in payment options

Paying for goods and services has always been a simple process, but in recent years it’s seemingly become even easier. In the past, options essentially involved either cash or a cheque, yet debit and credit cards have swiftly become commonplace among cash and cheques, paving the way

McFlip – World’s first reversible Micro USB – On test

Type C USB cables are a way off from being common and a very long way from being ubiquitous. But the idea, blazing USB 3 speeds with a plug that is reversible – sounds awesome. The McFlip takes you half-way there and, more importantly, it’s available now and uses

£10 off those up-front prices this Bank Holiday

It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK, so expect .. err… hot weather and barbeques. If we don’t get that then you can always head to the pub for “a quick one” and then wake up at 11AM on Monday with a very bad headache. If

Free SIM from The Peoples Operator, plus £10.50 bonus credit

Bit of a UK only deal now. The Peoples Operator is an MVNO that we originally covered a while ago as part of our Charity Networks article. They have now launched a rather cool sounding promotion which is designed to get you using their network. It’s pretty

Protect your iPhone, try a Jimmy Case

I was stood underneath those big information boards at Euston train station last week and, judging by the people sitting on the floor around me, it’s fair to say that people break their iPhones quite a bit and then keep on using them. The latest iPhone handset,

Podcast 152 – Honor to the WileyFox

  Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Podcast episode 152. In this Episode John is joined by Gary and Podcast newcomer Mike to discuss: Mike’s experiences of SmartWatches The News from the Honor and WileyFox launch events including: The currently unnamed Honor Smart Band The WileyFox Swift and Storm How

iPhone 6s appears in leaked video?

Well it’s coming to that time of year, when we receive stacks of iPhone-related gossip about the next version. The latest “leak” comes in the form of a video which purports to show the latest handset from Apple. As with other iterations of the “S”, the form

Doro 820 Mini Competition – The winners

A couple of weeks ago we had a big competition to give away one of two Doro 820 Mini phones. Our mailbox was overflowing with entries on this one, so many thanks to every single entry. We’ve stuck all of them into our randomizer and the following

Honor 7 Ready to buy here in the UK, plus a few other surprises

Last night, at the Honor launch event in London, we learned more about the Honor 7, plus the fact that you can actually buy the thing at vMall – an official Huawei and Honor store. Buying handsets direct is something people are more confident about doing now,

New Microsoft Lumia handset details leak

The inimitable @evleaks is back again with some more tasty information about upcoming and unannounced handsets. This time it’s a couple of Windows Phone devices from Microsoft. The top one here is a 5.7″ handset named the “Cityman” and there’s rumours of an octa-core CPU with a

So, what the heck is VoLTE anyways?

The 4G roll-out seems to be happening more and more quickly as days go by now. Sometimes, in places I’ve previously only ever received GPRS, there’s now full 4G. No hop from 2G to 3G here. Just a big leap up from 2G to 4G. It’s welcomed,

Three saves customers £1.3 billion

If you’ve been abroad lately you’ll probably have that text message arrive when you land… Calls will cost a crazy amount here, texts will be just about bearable, but please don’t even think about using data unless you want to re-mortgage your house. Sure, some networks are

Wanna watch a double murder? Your kids probably have.

Yesterday there was yet another shooting in America. That, in itself, isn’t unusual and will probably continue for quite some time yet. What was different was the fact that the double murder occured on live morning TV. Footage from Virginia has already appeared on news bulletins all

The Monoshot… for improved smartphone photos/video.

I would say with some conviction that mobile phone photography is now a recognised sector of the photography world (have a look at the mobile specific groups on Flickr for example). As the quality of cameras improved in our mobile devices, the creative folk amongst us produce

Wishbone Smart Thermometer – Review

Have you got a small child? If so you will be most likely aware that they have an uncanny tendency to get ill from time to time. Now ,like any good parent, we’ve got a digital thermometer. However, like any good self respecting toddler my son despises

Oppo R5s, the slimmest of upgrades

Oppo are stepping things up! October last year saw the introduction of the R5, the slimmest smartphone on the market. At just 4.85mm it’s a wonder they can fit anything inside the chassis. This year they have given the device a facelift (I can’t find the old