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Wireless Chargers Review

Since buying James’ Note 3 (or, if you listened to our podcast, me bullying it off him), I have wanted to look into wireless chargers mainly because it came with the Samsung wireless charging back. Now here comes my dilemma, which is of two parts.. 1. I

OnePlus dream up the most insane way to buy a phone

Do you really really want a OnePlus phone? So much so that you’ll smash your old phone for the chance to buy one? Well in a tweet that seemed like it should have come out on April Fools day OnePlus have said the following. 100x OnePlus Ones

iWalk Backup Charger Review

I’m not usually one to run out of power on my mobile device. At work I have access to a multitude of chargers all day. I also tend to get about 1 1/2 to 2 days out of my phone and more from my tablets. However, as

WWDC 2014, Keep June 2nd Free

It’s that time of the year again when Apple set their date for WWDC and we are inundated with ideas of what might be released this year. Will it be the Ipad 12, Iphone 26S, Mac OS 134.23.  Okay they are a bit over exaggerated but we

The slightly over hyped OnePlus One is finally unveiled

Remember all of the fuss last year when Oppo and Cyanogen Inc partnered up to make a Cyanogenmod version of the Oppo N1? Can you also remember the confusion a few weeks after the launch Cyanogen announced they were to partner with another company for their next

NEST lands on Google Play store

Some of you may know what NEST is, however there are a large amount of people reading this who will be wondering just what we are talking about. No, it’s not where birds live. Not in this instance anyway. NEST is a clever self-learning thermostat for your home that

iPhone 4S deal at Vodafone

Now, if we’re honest and we don’t look properly enough, someone walking past with an iPhone 4S is pretty much the same as someone walking past with an iPhone 5S. They look the same… from a distance… I selling this yet? ;) So, if you want

Exclusivity agreements blocking you from getting that latest game

Just recently the new version of Cut The Rope arrived on Android. Trouble is,  it’d been released months before on iOS. Watching an app or game being used by your mates which you can’t download is difficult and, according to the Wall Street Journal,  it’s due in

It’s nearly time for March of the Droids 2014

Meeting like minded people is something I thrive on, meeting someone who understands how to set their phone up properly or who knows the difference between SDK and ADB is a great feeling. I’m sad to say it doesn’t happen often. Most of my days are spent

A Coolsmartphone Spring clean

Easter is a time to eat lots of chocolate eggs and spend huge amounts of money in DIY stores in a vein attempt to make your home look all pretty. So, with that in mind, we’ve been doing some painting and decorating. Coolsmartphone has been online for

Keeping your kids safe – Children Tracker updated

There’s a tricky line that most parents have to walk every day. When do you buy your child a mobile phone? Are you buying it for safety reasons? If you are, and you want to be able to call them and keep track of them, that’s good;

Got yourself a Chromecast? Get £4.99 of Google Play credit

If liked the look of the Chromecast (have a nose at my overview here) and went out and bought one from your local electronics retailer (Currys / PC World in other words), then you should definitely be heading to to grab your free £4.99 of credit

Gaming and social networks are a priority for mobile users

Mobile users in the USA are spending more and more time on their devices than ever before, with gaming and social networks as their priority according to a report by Flurry. In March of last year, research found that users spent an average of 2 hours and

Don’t worry, Sky Go and Now TV is back!

A couple of days ago BBC iPlayer, Sky Go and NOW TV packed up for iOS users. The reason behind this seems a little mysterious, with a temporary work-around involving setting the date back a day, but that’d cause other issues trying to get onto the App

Clear-Coat UK protection review.

Screen protection. You either love it or you hate it. Unfortunately, with the current screen technology that exists, it is a necessary evil. There’s a vast array of options out there right now that’ll protect your screen but these offerings vary vastly in quality and price. Clear-Coat

Direct file access on Windows phone – Aerize Explorer

A file manager with direct file system access and the ability to move and copy files between storage cards? On Windows Phone? Are you having a laugh? Aerize Explorer, which is available completely free in the Windows Phone Store lets you use a friendly and familiar browsing

Nokia 2520 charger trouble

The Nokia 2520 is Nokia’s 10″ tablet running Windows 8 RT and so far has been doing reasonably well but it is has now run into a bit of trouble, in that the chargers have the potential to cause an electric shock. Nokia have advised that 30,000

Samsung and Amazon announce Samsung Book Deal

You can already get the Kindle app for many Android devices but you have to pay for almost all books. Now Samsung and Amazon have done a deal that will give Samsung Galaxy users some free books. There will be a new app released to the Samsung

Podcast 89 – all we needed was a little update

Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Podcast, joining me this week were Dan and Khellan. This weeks the topics revolved around the Windows Phone 8.1 update which Dan and I both managed to install on our phones this week. We also had a chat about how Dan felt after