Vodafone Call+ in action

Following a quick demo from the team at Vodafone on their new Call+ features, I thought it would be useful to do a short write up before a full review in the coming weeks (should the loaner phone arrive soon). If you aren’t familiar with Call+, it’s

Nexus 6P – Horrible unavailable message for UK

I get it Google. You’re busy creating new software and working with fantastic ideas and getting your current new stock out the door, as well as buying domains that nobody in their right minds will want to say out loud. Oh, you haven’t heard? Google bought abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.com.

Z3 or Z3c owner? Want to test Marshmallow?

I like the Sony Z range. They look like well-designed and distinctive pieces of kit, but I was a little hesitant. I never knew what their upgrade strategy would be from handset to handset, so when I heard about this Concept for Android initiative, where Sony allows

‘Cute’ Smartphone – RoBoHoN

If you’re like me you probably spend more time with your phone than with any other person. My phone is my alarm clock, my personal assistant and my exercise coach all in one. But there’s a reason why most people wouldn’t consider it a friend, it looks

Vodafone get into the home phone and broadband game

Want broadband at home? Mine is from EE and the fibre broadband connectivity has been OK. Sadly I can’t say the same about the home phone service, which was completely broken for well over a month. Anyhoo, now Vodafone are getting in on the action with broadband

VR – Is now the time?

Remember my Google Cardboard review? If I’m honest that headset did, eventually, fall apart. Mostly because of my bad construction. However, on a recent holiday my son went on a new type of ride which featured an Oculus Rift, as you can see above. It’s a gadget

HTC A9 on view in leaked images

With a product launch just around the corner (next Tuesday), the HTC leaks have kicked in again and we’ve a look at the HTC A9. The leaks, courtesy of @onleaks, show a device which has the bottom-mounted speaker grills we’ve seen on the Huawei P8 and iPhone

FreedomPop UK – An overview. £0 per month is back again.

Over the years we’ve seen a number of MVNO’s here in the UK attempting to give you something for nothing but, each and every time, they’ve failed. First we tried Ovivo, then we tried Samba Mobile but both went pop fairly quickly and customers were left without

Huawei Mate S – Review

Huawei released their new flagship phablet last month – The Huawei Mate S. I was lucky enough to attend the launch event and got a hold of one of the devices. I have been using it over the last few weeks to see how good it was,

OnePlus 2 going up for 1 hour Open Sale

Did you have anything planned around about lunchtime on Monday 12th October? If so cancel it. Take an early lunch break and get ready for some intense F5 action! OnePlus are opening their store up to allow anyone to buy a OnePlus 2, regardless of whether you

Lumia 950 and 950 XL pre-orders open

Clove has opened up their preorders on those two new fantastic Lumia devices that we saw the other day. Yes, of course, I am talking about the Lumia 950 and 950XL. Both Lumia 950 and 950 XL pre-orders are now up and available. They don’t yet have the

A look at the Zing Smartwatch – A different approach

Smartwatches are starting to diversify. Each manufacturer is trying to carve out their niche in the market, and the Zing Smartwatch aims to provide a fashionable, modern, and fun approach to the wearable market. Let’s get Social The Zing is an activity tracker designed for the social

iPhone 6S battery life depends on who made the chip.

Not long after the release of the new S variant of the iPhone, someone decided to take it all to pieces to have a looksee what all the hoo- har is about. Well, it appears that the A9 chip in Apple’s new iPhone 6s is manufactured by

Android 6 Marshmallow OTA rolling out.

Have you got a Nexus 6, 5 , 7, 9, or Nexus Player? If you have, it looks like now is the time for mashing the “check for updates” button. It appears that the latest version of Android is being sent out as an OTA update to

Got a Windows Phone? Convert it, maybe, to Windows 10 in December

If you’ve got all warm and fuzzy about those new Lumia handsets and want a piece of Windows 10 action on your existing Windows Phone, come close. Microsoft have revealed that the spanky new OS will be available for upgrading this December. The info is buried in

Windows 10? How about turning an old laptop into a Chromebook

I’ve worked, and still do, with Windows as an OS for years. I’m familiar with Windows 2008, Windows 7 and every other version from Windows 95 onwards. After years of patching, upgrades, reinstalls, trojans, hot-fixes and drivers I’d simply had enough. Not only that, but I realised

Windows 10, Lumia and Continuum – Have we been here before?

Heard about the new Microsoft launches yesterday? Sure, there was a new fitness band and a few new handsets, but it’s those high-powered handsets and the tricks they can do that matter. Microsoft, on the current Windows Phone platform, has a problem. No matter how you dress

Honor 7 – Photography special

Hello. I’m reviewing the Honor 7 handset at the minute and, as I always do, it’s my main device for the next week or so. As part of my testing, I’ve been playing with the camera. The camera, let me tell you, is really rather good. At

BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch – Kick-starting Soon!

Remember the smartwatch we covered some time ago where you build your own customisable watch? Each “link” in the strap contains a module for example GPS, Heartbeat monitor and so on. You upgrade your watch, whenever new modules become available. Well things have gone into over-drive yesterday