iPhone 6S battery life depends on who made the chip.

Not long after the release of the new S variant of the iPhone, someone decided to take it all to pieces to have a looksee what all the hoo- har is about. Well, it appears that the A9 chip in Apple’s new iPhone 6s is manufactured by

Android 6 Marshmallow OTA rolling out.

Have you got a Nexus 6, 5 , 7, 9, or Nexus Player? If you have, it looks like now is the time for mashing the “check for updates” button. It appears that the latest version of Android is being sent out as an OTA update to

Got a Windows Phone? Convert it, maybe, to Windows 10 in December

If you’ve got all warm and fuzzy about those new Lumia handsets and want a piece of Windows 10 action on your existing Windows Phone, come close. Microsoft have revealed that the spanky new OS will be available for upgrading this December. The info is buried in

Windows 10? How about turning an old laptop into a Chromebook

I’ve worked, and still do, with Windows as an OS for years. I’m familiar with Windows 2008, Windows 7 and every other version from Windows 95 onwards. After years of patching, upgrades, reinstalls, trojans, hot-fixes and drivers I’d simply had enough. Not only that, but I realised

Windows 10, Lumia and Continuum – Have we been here before?

Heard about the new Microsoft launches yesterday? Sure, there was a new fitness band and a few new handsets, but it’s those high-powered handsets and the tricks they can do that matter. Microsoft, on the current Windows Phone platform, has a problem. No matter how you dress

Honor 7 – Photography special

Hello. I’m reviewing the Honor 7 handset at the minute and, as I always do, it’s my main device for the next week or so. As part of my testing, I’ve been playing with the camera. The camera, let me tell you, is really rather good. At

BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch – Kick-starting Soon!

Remember the smartwatch we covered some time ago where you build your own customisable watch? Each “link” in the strap contains a module for example GPS, Heartbeat monitor and so on. You upgrade your watch, whenever new modules become available. Well things have gone into over-drive yesterday

New Windows devices availability in the UK

The Microsoft launch was a seamless event. The devices look great but watching these launches can often be a frustrating experience: the gap between announcement and availability is sometime months (or longer in the case of the Apple Watch) and frequently a device will never make it to

Dux iPad Air case – Review

Cases are ten a penny these days so it takes something special to make them stand out. First impressions count, even if we’re always told not to judge a book by its cover! The STM Dux case for the first generation iPad Air is marketed on the

Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL revealed

That day has come when we finally see a long overdue Microsoft Lumia flagship. Now, for those of you wanting a Surface Phone … you might as well stop reading. That is not what we have here. What we do have is two really nice looking Lumia

Microsoft launch the all-new Band

If you watched the event you’ll know about it already, but Microsoft yesterday announced the Microsoft Band 2. It will, provided you don’t pig out on the doughnuts, help you “Live healthier and achieve more”. OK. Tech specs. GO! Band Material – Thermal plastic elastomer silicone vulcanate

Is Google about to announce a new partnership with Microsoft?

For Windows users today looks to be an exciting day. Starting at 1500 GMT Microsoft will take the wraps off its latest hardware and software developments. Much is already known about the devices themselves (phones, tablets, and wearables) but I’ve got a nagging sense that there’s still

Traffic Nation: Street Drivers Review

There is an abundance of car racing games available on both Google Play and Apple App Store. Traffic Nation: Street Drivers reminds me of racers who terrorise your Saturday nights in town and a 80s racing classic where you had to dodge cars because your car was

iClever 3 and 4 port USB car chargers – Review

We have a couple more devices for turning what was once a cigarette lighter into a rather nicer USB charging point. The cigarette lighter, which you may see now called a power point in your car, can be used to charge your portable device. However, with lots

KitSound Manhattan Headphones in Rose Gold – A Review

I’ve had the opportunity to test several KitSound devices over the past year and generally I’ve always come away with a positive impression. I listen to a lot of music and a good pair of headphones is important to me, so how will the KitSound Manhattan headphones

Acer Iconia One 7 – Review

There’s a raft of 7″ tablets out there. Just have a look down your local supermarket and you’ll see a stack of them. Here we’ve got the Acer Icon is One 7. Around back, a very grippy rear panel which has a rather funky pattern on it.

Huawei P8. Want one? Get it here

Available for just a bit less than £300, the sleek Huawei P8 I was using last week is now also available from Gearbest. The exact price is £296.01 and for that you’re getting a 5.2″ 1920 x 1080 pixel  screen, 4G compatibility, a 2GHz octa core CPU

HTC unable to commit to monthly security updates

Android security is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons after the latest round of vulnerabilities have made international press. The background problem is that Android is supported on multiple platforms via a wide range of manufacturers from Samsung to HTC, and all those