Microsoft cuts yet more jobs in its mobile division

Despite the launch of two premium Lumia handsets and Windows 10 Mobile late last year, things are not going well for Microsoft’s mobile aspirations.  Sales figures are down, and although the new phones received generally positive reviews, they hardly set the tech world alight with new features

Three slices up to £216 off iPhone 6s price

Fancy getting yourself one of these this weekend? Three want you to head over, because they’ve got some deals on the iPhone 6s with possible savings up to £216 – but this weekend only. The only minor caveat is that these offers are on their two year

Centriphone – The olloclip gets dizzy

The boys at olloclip have been trying to get our attention for a while now. First they sent a video showing how “Chelsea Bell” promotes her swimwear line using the clip-on lens, but we said, “No, that’s just gratuitous, our readers won’t be interested in that, even

Smartwatch battery life looks set to improve

Smartwatches tend to fall into two camps: those with e-ink screens, like the Pebble watches, which provide a week or so of battery life; and those with LCD or AMOLED screens, like most Android Wear devices and the Apple watch, whose life span is measured in hours

Smartphone app now used to check Ford car quality

Manually checking cars at a highly advanced car factory in Valencia might sound old-fashioned, but this is how Ford maintains quality at the plant. Until fairly recently, these checks were recorded on a bit of paper, and then workers had to walk to a central point to

Hey. We need you.

I absolutely hate doing this, but we’re left with pretty much no choice. You may remember the problems we had getting to Mobile World Congress. Our advertising revenue will pay for the flights and it would’ve paid for accommodation, but due to this being pulled at the

What is your dog saying? Find out with WhatsYapp

First up, that’s an obvious click-bait headline, but sadly – that’s the way the internet works. I could’ve made it a bit better by adding, “Listen to your dog, you will be shocked!” Anyways, let me give you an insight into running a website like this. See,

New EE SIM only plans go official

Remember those all new SIM only EE plans we leaked last week? Well, we said they’d launch on February 10th, and guess what, here they are. The big sell here is that the new 4G SIM-only plans now have inclusive calls and texts when you’re in the

Ubuntu on a tablet? Yes please, I will have some of that!

You may remember I tested a few Ubuntu phones last year and I was a little underwhelmed with it. I felt that the software needed a bit more work to give it enough pizazz to take on the likes of Android and iOS in what is already a

LG G5 rumour roundup

It’s been apparent for a while that you don’t really have a product to release if there aren’t leaks of it before you’re ready to announce. This time it was LG’s turn with the up and coming LG G5, due to be announced on Feb 21 (the

Should you still get your iPhone fixed elsewhere? Yes, actually

Over the weekend we reported on the problems that some Apple owners were facing following an upgrade to iOS 9. The new update brings with it some “security checks” that look for third-party replacement and repair work. If those checks fail, your shiny new iPhone becomes nothing

Shatterproof Moto X Force priced up

Fancy a handset with a shatterproof screen? It should be appealing for those of you with the infamous “dropsies” :) Our main man Garry has already unboxed the Moto X Force and you can see his video below, however it’s now showing up on Carphone Warehouse with

The Connected Sleeve – Charge your phone in the case!

De Rigueur have launched a new product on Kickstarter called the Connected Sleeve, which is a wireless charger embedded inside a handmade leather case for your phone. The cases have been designed specifically by the French designer De Rigueur. The Connected Sleeve received a CES Innovation Award at

Get 2GB extra Google Drive space for absolutely nothing

Sure, it’s not exactly a huge amount of storage, but it’s a whole lot better than not having any extra and it takes just seconds to grab. All you need to do is head here and review your Google Account settings. It’ll run through the apps and

The Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL – The details

Announced last year and available now, but it’s flown pretty low beneath the radar. Inside there’s a 5000 mAh battery, which makes it deserving of that “Max” name straight away. Big battery, big battery life. Even when used intensively, this puppy is said to last more than

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Supposed leaked image surfaces

Ahead of the launch event on February 21st there’s rumours about what the next Samsung Galaxy S7 will look like.  This could be anything really, but the plastic curved back doesn’t really light our candle – especially when Samsung went all “premium” with the S6 construction. Either