CUKTECH Unveils the Ultimate Charging Companion: The CUKTECH 10, 100W, 10000mAh Power Bank with Fast Charging, 2 Ports, PPS PD, and Smart Display


Mobile charging specialists, CUKTECH, has announced the launch of the CUKTECH 10, a state-of-the-art 100W 10000mAh power bank designed to meet the diverse and demanding charging needs of modern users. This sleek and futuristic design power bank delivers unmatched performance, ensuring devices are charged at maximum speed, whether a laptop, smartphone, or gaming console

The CUKTECH 10 is the ultimate solution for high-power charging. It offers a single-port output capable of delivering an impressive 100W for laptops, up to 27W for iPhones, and 45W for Samsung Galaxy devices. This versatility ensures that devices remain powered up and ready to go in record time.

For gamers on the go, the CUKTECH 10 is a game-master companion, seamlessly compatible with handheld consoles. It can charge a Nintendo Switch 1.3 times, supports 45W fast charging for the Steam Deck, a remarkable 65W for the ROG, and a powerful 100W for the Legion Go, making it an ideal choice for uninterrupted gaming enjoymen

Rapid self-charging takes convenience to the next level as the CUKTECH 10 boasts a 90W MAX self-charging capability, ensuring the power bank is always ready for action. With the ability to achieve 55% capacity in just 15 minutes, users can quickly get enough power to fully charge an iPhone 15 once.

A vibrant TFT colour screen provides real-time visibility into crucial details such as voltage, current, battery level, power output, and the remaining time for both charging and recharging. This intuitive display keeps users informed and in control.

The CUKTECH 10 also features fast charging specifically for Xiaomi devices. The USB-C1 port delivers high-speed fast charging of up to 120W for all Xiaomi mobile phones and tablets, and up to 100W for Xiaomi notebooks. Built with automotive-grade 21700 power cells produced by top-tier manufacturers, the CUKTECH 10 ensures guaranteed quality and reliability. It supports single-port ultra-fast charging at 100W and offers two-way support with a combined USB-A and Type-C maximum power output of 133W. Compatibility with PD 3.1, PPS, and various fast charging technologies makes it a versatile power solution for a wide range of devices.

Despite its high-power capacity, the CUKTECH 10 maintains a portable and space-efficient design. Measuring just 143mm in length and 45mm in width, it is comparable to a Snickers bar and fits comfortably in the palm of the hand or in a pocket. Weighing a mere 10oz, it offers the perfect balance of convenience and performance.

Included with the CUKTECH 10 Power Bank is a 6A 240W C-to-C charging cable, an instruction manual, and an 18-month worry-free service backed by a dedicated customer service team committed to providing utmost satisfaction. CUKTECH prides itself on delivering products of equal or even better quality than more well known competitors in the market but at a more affordable price point.

The CUKTECH 10 is available on Amazon UK for RRP £49.99 (An additional 40  percent discount coupon is also currently live). It is also available on for RRP $59.99 (An additional $20 discount is also currently live).