F-Secure launches new Total cyber security package.

Complete security, privacy, identity protection and parental controls – all in one app. 

Cyber security provider F-Secure today releases a new version of its premium cyber security service Total. Total now enables users to protect themselves from complex cyber threats with one simple solution. Integrating previously separate F-Secure SAFE, FREEDOME and ID PROTECTION into a single easy-to-use app, Total offers users the very best in online protection.
Recent F-Secure research found that 60% of people find managing security of all connected devices impossible. By launching one app that offers complete security and privacy on desktops, phones and tablets, with no complicated set-up and jargon free, F-Secure is making security simpler for their customers.

What’s new?

  • Same app for every family member adapts to individual protection needs
  • Optimised child user experience (including own UI scheme)
  • Family rules enhanced with VPN
  • People & Devices for easy license, user and Family Rules management
  • New iOS Safari extension for browsing protection
  • On Windows Banking Protection prevents untrusted network connections from happening during the online banking session
  • New remote Access Protection blocks use of remote access tools during banking session

The launch of Total comes alongside a new look F-Secure as it sets its sights on simplifying cyber security for consumers who face confusion around what protection they need for their devices. Getting started with F-Secure Total is easy. Thanks to the online management portal (my.f-secure.com) or the People & Devices view inside the Total app, users can have all their devices protected in a matter of minutes without the hassle of multiple installations, license keys and credentials.

F-Secure Total provides:

Malware Protection – Offering award-winning Malware protection, Total is built on the same antivirus protection technology as SAFE. It protects devices against viruses, trojans, ransomware and other harmful apps that may collect, steal or lock personal data, credit card numbers, banking credentials and other valuable information. Total brings the fastest response times to new threats with a combination of the new behaviour-based protection technology, DeepGuard, and the latest AI-enhanced cloud technologies (Windows and Mac).

Browsing Protection – Browsing Protection allows users to browse the internet safely, automatically keeping them away from malware and phishing sites.
Banking Protection – Banking Protection gives users added security for online shopping and banking. It prevents access to known malware and phishing sites and a VPN encrypts all internet traffic to protect security and privacy.

Privacy VPN – Privacy VPN enables online security and privacy even on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks such as hotels, restaurants and airports, encrypting all data traffic to the internet and keeping online activities safe from hackers and trackers.

Family Rules – F-Secure Total has been designed to protect the whole family, from small children to adults, adjusting to individual protection needs. Total lets parents set healthy boundaries for children’s device use without forgetting the core online security and privacy. With Total, children can explore the internet, install apps and communicate with family and friends safely.
The Time Limit feature helps in setting boundaries for screen time and bedtime whilst a content filter prevents access to unsuitable online content. Family Rules can be managed through parent’s Android or iOS app or through the online management portal.

Gaming Mode – Gaming Mode optimises many security and Windows settings and functionalities for optimised and uninterrupted gaming. In Gaming Mode, Total updates are paused to save bandwidth and CPU load, prompts, notifications and PUSH messages are not shown, and automatic or scheduled antivirus scans are not started. Total PC has been optimised for the best gaming performance.

Password Vault – Good password practice lowers the risk of personal information falling into the hands of criminals. Password Vault enables easy creation of strong and unique passwords and synchronises them across all devices. Password analysis pinpoints improvement areas like use of common, weak or even re-used passwords while autofill of passwords simplifies daily use of the vault.

ID Monitoring – F-Secure comes with integrated ID MONITORING which helps to respond to account takeover and identity theft threats. It relies on F-Secure’s breach detection and underground web monitoring. If personal information is found among breached or leaked data, users will receive a warning email. Instructions on what to do next are available in the app.

Cyber Help – The Cyber Help service aids with user’s online identity related concerns and in case of an identity theft incident, will help with remediation.

F-Secure Total is available from www.f-secure.com now with prices starting from £44.99.