Atom Studios launches Keep: A stylish MagSafe Wallet made from natural materials


London-based Atom Studios a  brand that creates beautiful smartphone accessories using eco-friendly materials, today adds Keep, a premium cork MagSafe wallet, to its product range in the UK and US.

Available in carbon black or natural, Keep is made from cork — a natural, durable alternative to leather and plastic that has the added benefits of being naturally water repellent and antibacterial. The wallet boasts a minimalist design and subtle Atom Studios logo, which emphasises the natural beauty of the cork, and has a card slot which can hold two cards, offering a convenient way to keep credit, debit and ID cards close to hand.

Compatible with all MagSafe equipped iPhones (iPhone 12 and newer) the secure built-in magnets ensure that Keep stays firmly in place on the back of your phone or MagSafe phone case.

Akbar Ali, Creative Director at Atom Studios.

“We carefully consider environmental impact when designing our products, so choosing cork as the material for Keep was crucial. We want to offer iPhone users a beautifully designed, functional MagSafe wallet with environmentally friendly credentials. Many MagSafe wallets on the market are made from leather or plastic which ends up in landfill, so Keep will be an attractive option for conscious shoppers.

Not only is cork biodegradable, recyclable and reusable it’s also inherently sustainable – oak cork trees grow abundantly and harvesting the cork assists in CO2 absorption. Every year, the trees absorb nearly 14m tonnes of carbon dioxide during their natural regeneration. Harvesting the bark from these trees aids in the regeneration process, and helps them absorb more carbon dioxide and release more oxygen.

Due to its eco credentials and durability, cork is having a renaissance in the product ranges and the design space, as architects and designers embrace the material as a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing choice for interiors, walls and ceilings. It’s for these reasons that Atom Studios has chosen the material for its new MagSafe wallet.

Keep is available in the UK and US from 31st August for £29.99 / $29.99 from Atom Studios (UK and US),  Amazon (UK only), Verishop (US only).