HOZO Design launches MEAZOR 3D – the world’s most compact 6-in-1 multifunctional laser measurer, with cutting-edge 3D floor planning function

Here at Coolsmartphone not only do with love phones and associated tech we like to have a review of nifty gadgets for the home as well, and being a bit of a DIY’er when we heard of the Meazor 3D it sparked my interest.

3D Measurement:-

The MEAZOR 3D is powered with 3D technology which simplifies the entire process from capturing measurements to 3D floor planning, boosting measuring functionality and ease. The “3D in 3 ways” feature gives users accurate and helpful measuring dimensions, and provides a thought-provoking perception. Whether using 3D floorplans for professional use or daily handiwork, the MEAZOR 3D brings a new level of convenience for gaining measurements and planning the use of spaces. With 3D Displacement Mode, MEAZOR 3D is the very first laser measurer that can allow the user to move freely in any space and it auto-stitches every edge of the room. Using the 3D Tilt Mode, it is easy to capture the room including any furniture or obstacles present with a hands-free experience and the fastest 3D point capturing process to produce easy-to-use 2D results. Based on testing, measurement accuracy can be increased by 72% and time efficiency improved by 70% on average when using MEAZOR 3D compared to other traditional measuring tools.

6 leading-edge functions :-

The MEAZOR 3D boasts an incredible array of impressive features and is truly the first of its kind as a 6-in-1 measurement tool. Including a unique point scanning feature with 3D floor planning capabilities, the product enables users to perform precise measuring for high-end floorplans in seconds. This allows rooms to be transformed into a 3D display with the help of its patented ultra 3D adapter. The adapter means that the MEAZOR 3D can rotate 360° horizontally and 180° vertically into the correct position and the built-in rolling measurer ensures every last detail is measured precisely, from straight edges, to detailed arcs using the curve scanning function. It also has the ability to convert metric and imperial units, and even customised scales.

The laser distance measurer records reliable measurements of up to 40metres/131feet, putting MEAZOR leagues above conventional laser measurement devices. Additional features include a built-in bubble/spirit level, protractor, curve scanner and pro laser.

MEAZOR App 2.0:-

Along with the product, the MEAZOR 3D App has also been improved and can import designs, draw and edit plans and also share and export 3 different types of CAD files seamlessly. The app comes with 3 new modes with refreshing UI design and invented with 3D technology. The new Drawing mode only requires one click to change from a 2D to 3D floorplan display whilst the photo dimension mode can label measurements directly onto the snapped object. The Data list mode comes with Space/Volume Auto Calculation which means the area /volume of the object can be expertly calculated by simply inputting the length details. All of these modes are designed to reduce the heavy workload that can occur in the conventional measuring process and simplify and smooth out the process.

3rd party app integration:-

MEAZOR 3D is also partnered with the most popular 3D house planning apps on the market, including Roomle and Measure Square. To improve and simplify the experience, once the user has finished measuring on MEAZOR, they are able to directly upload to the apps with just one click. This allows them to quickly gain a 3D visualization and provides ultimate convenience and comfort to help make important and accurate decisions on ongoing project work. Whether used by a contractor generating proposals or an interior designer choosing furniture to fit a space, MEAZOR 3D is an ideal and smart work companion.

MEAZOR 3D features:-

The sleek, compact design includes outstanding detail in a durable stainless-steel frame with skin-like touch wear-resistance. The product was designed with user convenience and operating behaviour in mind and so comes with dual physical buttons and a roller selective menu to help users operate freely. Exquisitely engineered to fit seamlessly into creative lifestyles, it is currently the smallest multi-function laser measurer with 3D floor planning function in the world. Whilst ideal for creative professionals, designers, surveyors and architects, MEAZOR 3D is also great for those working on small home projects or DIY fanatics. The 184 PPI tempered glass touch screen and 4096 grade magnetic encoder are built to last, providing high-grade durability and stability for the rolling function. The 650mAh battery also supports up to 30 days/16 hours of wireless use on a single charge and supports USB-C charging.

(1) Introducing MEAZOR 3D – The Future of Measure – YouTube

Hopefully we get a device in for a full review, and put it through its paces.

The MEAZOR 3D is available to backers only on Kickstarter with a special early bird offer and prices starting from just $199, MRSP $349.