1MORE launches the ‘Mini but Mighty’ ComfoBuds Mini – The World’s smallest pair of Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless earbuds

1MORE, a globally distributed premium consumer audio company,  today have announced the launch of their latest True Wireless earbuds that do away with the bulky nature seen on many True Wireless buds today, by offering a compact set of wireless earbuds that weigh no more than 3.7g each and are sized smaller than a glass marble at 17x13mm.

The superior comfort levels offered by its small form factor earbuds also translates over to the pocket-friendly charging case that is slimming as it is feather-light. All of this combined ensures both an ergonomic and joyous wearing experience for fatigue-free day & night listening. Something the 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini offer in spades with their 24-hours of total battery life.

1More ComfoBuds Mini are not just here to look cute and, pretty as they are equipped with everything needed from a pair of wireless earbuds including multiple listening modes such as Active Noise Cancellation up to 40dB, four microphones containing a deep learning algorithm, Qi Wireless Charging, personalised sound from Sonarworks SoundID, and IPX5 water resistance for that extra peace of mind amongst a whole plethora of other features to boot.

The snug fit thanks in part to its small form factor enables these Mini buds to create the perfect seal within the ear canal and prevent those unfortunate earbud fall-outs. This form-fitting seal aids with the Active Noise Cancellation offered by the ComfoBuds Mini making these the world’s smallest pair of Active Noise Cancelling earbuds. That is not a small feat to accomplish. They are – as 1MORE say – ‘Mini, but Mighty’. A total of four listening modes are available to choose from including two ANC modes. The ComfoBuds Mini utilise 1MORE’s QuietMax Active Noise Cancelling Technology with both feedforward and feedback microphones to cancel out ambient noise, create a quiet zone, make music sound better and make calls clearer. The strongest mode is designed to completely shut the world out – especially useful when commuting via busy transport links.

If the stronger 40dB ANC mode is too much of a closed room experience, 1MORE also offers a milder ANC mode that’s more suited to quietening the room to allow more of a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a hot drink at the local coffee house, or to brainstorm ideas in the home office away from distracting noises such as the kids iPad or the TV nearby. What’s more, 1MORE provides both a Transparency Mode to amplify certain sounds around you such as metro platform announcements, as well as a Wind Noise Resistance Mode that helps to filter out those annoying harsh frequencies caused by high winds or while travelling at speed when cycling.

1MORE continues to work with Sonarworks by including their smart algorithm SoundID software with the new ComfoBuds Mini that finds the ideal personal sound profile for each individual so that they can enjoy the best personalized sound. It’s this inclusion that means the Mini buds can cater to all tastes with a tailor-made sound profile enabled via the 1MORE MUSIC App. Together with 4-time Grammy award-winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi the ComfoBuds Mini offer a best of both worlds approach with an expertly tuned sound profile out of the box and a user-dependent fine-tuning process assisted by SoundID. The end result is a pure, authentic, balanced sound with high resolution and low distortion with a little help from the buds 7mm dynamic driver. Within the MUSIC App, if music doesn’t appeal to the listener, 1MORE further offers 30 Soothing Sounds to take the stresses away from the day helping to both soothe the mind and heal the soul. 1MORE also offers a Gaming Mode within the App to cut down on those frustrating laggy moments in-game or simply just to prevent lip sync issues when watching popular YouTube channels.

In addition, 1MORE has sought to include an AI-powered DNN (Deep Neural Network) algorithm with the ComfoBuds Mini that helps to recognize, learn and amplify the voice to lift the phone call experience to new heights. A total of four stable MEMS microphones (two per earbud) contribute to a fuller & clearer call experience for those on the other line as the buds effortlessly remove the ambient noise. Whether it’s making lots of Zoom calls or finding the ultimate comfortable pair of earbuds, users will quickly fall in love with these Mini buds from 1MORE, so much so they may find themselves eating into the all-day battery life sooner than planned. Thankfully, though, the ComfoBuds Mini include both USB-C Fast Charging and support for Qi Wireless Charging. A quick 10-minute charge offers 80 minutes of playtime for those last-minute change of plans. The ComfoBuds Mini may be mini by nature, but offer huge possibilities.

The 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini are available from Amazon.com and the 1MORE website for $99.99 and Amazon UK for £92.99.

To celebrate the launch, 1MORE are also offering $15/£15 off for first 30 days using the discount code ‘ComfoMini15’.

Hopefully we will get a set in for a full review, in the not to distant future.