Fast Charging at 65w- realme says “Hold My Beer” here’s 200w

realme has just announced the world’s first 100W – 200W smart device charging architecture – UltraDart Charging Architecture (UDCA), providing a comprehensive solution for speed, safety, and battery life.

The first device to take advantage of UDCA. will be the realme GT NEO3 which realme say will be the world’s fastest charging smartphone promising a 50% battery charge in 5 minutes with 150W charging, reaching a complete full charge in around 35 mins.

We don’t know too much about the incoming GT NEO3, but based on last years model the NEO2 which featured fast slow 65w charging rate, 6.62-inch AMOLED screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chipset with a 64mp triple rear camera setup.  The NEO3 should be an interesting device to keep an eye on and hopefully we will get our hands on too.

Back to UltraDart charging, realme says…

UDCA provides the world with faster charging speeds. Specifically, the Ultra Fast Charging of UDCA utilises Multi Boost Charge Pumps to increase the charging current, enabling the smartphone to be charged faster. More than speed, UDCA also has outstanding safety and battery life performance.

In terms of safety, UDCA helps the smartphone always keep the temperature at an ideal level while charging. This is because realme’s UDCA has vital Ultra Heat Management built using a Temperature Management Algorithm to keep the thermal temperature below 43°C. Using this, users can play games or watch videos for long periods without potential safety hazards.

More importantly, UDCA also gives smartphones reliable Ultra Battery Protection. Generally, for other fast charging technology on the market, the high charging speed often comes at the expense of battery life. However, realme’s UDCA applies industry-leading lithium batteries to retain 80% battery capacity at 1000+ Complete Charge Cycles. This ensures the battery would have a longer life with higher maximum charging.

This is the first of a series of announcements we will be bringing you from realme today as part of MWC2022.