GameSir T4 Mini – Review

Ive been sent through the Gamesir  T4 Mini wireless controller, a smaller version of its hugely successful T4 series controller with a more compact and lightweight design. Ideal for travel and those with smaller hands. Featuring built-in 6-Axis gyro and asymmetric dual motors, the T4 mini is compatible with Switch, Android, iOS phones & PC.


The T4 is a perfect fit for Switch in multiplayer gaming, providing an excellent gaming experience with its built-in 6-Axis gyro and asymmetric dual motors allowing for more motion inputs such as tilt and rotation for a more active and immersive experience. The asymmetric dual motors create different and non-monotonous vibration effects on the left and right grips, delivering vivid vibration feedback for racing, fighting and shooting games. It was a shame that this vibration didn’t port over when playing my favourite mobile game Call Of Duty Mobile

Good Points :-

  • Good tactile feel to buttons/pads
  • USB type-C charging.
  • Seamlessly works with Android/Apple and even Nintendo Switch.
  • Price.
  • Good build quality.
  • Good Battery Life.
  • Internal LED lights
  • Vibration motors.

Bad points :-

  • Switching Bluetooth channels can be a bit of a faff.
  • Rubbish app.
  • Occasional connection drop.



  • Working Platform: Switch, Android 9.0 or above, iOS 13 or above, Windows 7/10 or above
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 (for Switch, Android, iOS); Wired (for PC)
  • Six-Axis Gyroscope: Yes (for Switch only)
  • Vibration Motors: Yes (for Switch and PC only)
  • Auto-sleep Mode: Yes
  • Wake up Switch Console Function: Yes
  • Auto-Combo Function: Yes
  • Battery: 600 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Product Size: 143*83*53 mm / 5.63*3.27*2.09 in
  • Net Weight: 156 g / 0.34 lbs

In Use :-

Connecting the T4 to your device is easy. There is a pairing button on the back with the standard flashing lights to show it’s searching, and it hooks up very quickly. It also has a USB-C port for charging, or to connect to your Switch dock if you, for whatever reason, are struggling to connect wirelessly.

At a size of just L 5.63”×W 3.27”, the T4 Mini allows smaller hands to hold the controller more comfortably with less fatigue, but I have got rather large hands and didn’t find it uncomfortable for long periods’ of use.

You can set the T4 Mini up with multiple turbo setups, to execute fire actions rapidly, without having to tap the buttons continuously to stop finger ache and protecting the gamepad at the same time. Options include Manual Turbo, Auto Turbo, Turbo cancel of single key and Turbo cancel of all keys, allowing gamers to change their preferences depending on the game they are playing.

While the controller is very lightweight, it doesn’t feel as plasticky like some, and it’s pretty sturdy. It has a nice matte finish and a grainy texture that feels great in your palm. However, due to it both aiming to be portable, and having lights visible through the plastic, it does feel a bit hollow, and may be a little too light for some players.

The rim of the Thumb-sticks are ribbed which is almost invisible to the eye, but makes a huge difference to the tactile feel and control when using the controller.

The X, Y, A, and B buttons are clear plastic with the letters deep below their surface, which creates a unique and aesthetically pleasing look. Both the buttons and triggers feel responsive, and have a nice sense of tactility when clicked. The X and Y buttons are slightly raised to compensate for the curvature of the controller, which was a nice touch and makes it more comfortable.

While playing I had to do some button re-mapping for Call Of Duty Mobile, but it easily played as well as my Glap controller that retails at nearly three times the T4 Mini’s price. I used the T4 mini to play my arcade classics with RetroArch and no button remapping needed and it was literally pick up and play.

The T4  comes with 4 types of backlight on the joystick, allowing gamers to customize the backlight colour and modes to create a different gaming atmosphere in different scenarios, be they tense or relaxing to provide a more immersive gaming experience. The mode options include static (9 colours optional, blue, red, green, yellow, cyan, orange, purple, pink, and rainbow colour), 8-color cycle breathing, Rainbow breathing and off.

The T4 mini includes a built-in 600 mAh battery to provide up to  a claimed 10 hours of  gaming from a short 3 hour charge time, and I found this comparable in my use. The T4 has a auto-sleep mode which will preserve battery life.

T4 mini is available on AliExpress for just £23 using a £4.52 discount coupon, and £26.31 on the GameSir website with Amazon is expected to stock mid-November.

Conclusion :-

The T4 mini is a cracking controller for an exceptional price that can be used across a multitude of platforms and even the Nintendo switch, it small and lightweight and packed with features that don’t come on more expensive controllers, LED lights and vibration motors.

Christmas is approaching and the T4 Mini will make a cracking stocking filler for a gamer in your life.