DON’T TELL ANYONE but there is an easy way to rewind Mixcloud

Head to Mixcloud or download their app and you’ll find that there’s a (fairly) new blocker that stops you rewinding shows.

As you’ll know, I’m a pretty big fan of Centreforce Radio and they upload all their shows and mixes onto Mixcloud after. It’s a great way to listen or time-shift shows so you can listen whenever you want.

However, if you’re listening to a show and want to rewind it a bit, this rather annoying message will appear…

Yes, you’ve got to pay. It’s unsurprising I guess, especially considering amount of music / MP3 data that Mixcloud must be hosting. However, although you can just replay the show and then skip ahead again, there’s an interesting quirk. If you instead pull down the Android notification shade, you can go forwards and skip backwards without problems.

Rewinding on this Mixcloud notification works fine.

Shhh… don’t tell the developers. Hopefully they won’t fix it.

I’m not entirely sure if this is true for the iOS app, but do let me know in the comments if you’ve tested it there.