Milo – On-the-go comms

I very rarely do articles about Kickstarter projects, but – as a cyclist – this one looked like a good idea. It’s basically a tiny little communicator which allows group chats when you’re riding, surfing, running, walking, rowing or whatever else. No push-to-talk, no faffing. No need for a mobile or WiFi signal.

They’ve already smashed their target of £77,053, receiving a total of £1,111,117 as I type.

The system looks to have a range of 600m using “sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz bands” and you can apparently extend that further with a “MiloNet mesh network”. These are waterproof and should last an entire day with a 90 minute recharge time.

Think of these as a super-small, super-modern walkie-talkie. Oh, and if you can’t quite hear everything that’s going on, you’re also able to pair your Bluetooth headset up with the Milo too.