65W Charging? Xiaomi ups the ante with 80W wireless charging!

The OnePlus 8T has got some proper speedy charging. Our OnePlus 8T review looked at the new charger and the “flat to full” time of just 39 minutes.

However, Xiaomi want to go one better, and there’s no cables required either.

Their next generation 80W “Mi Wireless Charging Technology” will see a 4,000 mAh battery go from “flat to full” in 19 minutes. The tech gives 10% in 1 minute and 50% in 8 minutes. As a comparison, the Xiaomi 30W Mi Wireless Charging Technology from last year could charge a similar battery to 50% in about 25 minutes, and 100% in 69 minutes.

Xiaomi recently introduced Mi 10 Ultra which has a massive 120W wired charging with 50W wireless. This particular model is only available in Mainland China though.