Humax delivers the first Android TV 4K Freeview Play Recorder

TV here in the UK has experienced a massive rebirth in these past few years. There’s thousands of channels, on-demand content and catch-up services now, but having the right box to consume it all can be tricky.

For many, you rely on your TV to do the magic, but a lot of the time you’ll find that there’s a slow processor and outdated software baked into your LCD panel.

The other approach is to get a Chromecast and beam everything from various apps on your phone. Either that or you could get a set-top box. Whether it be a satellite one or a terrestrial one doesn’t matter too much any more – there’s so many channels and choice out there, plus your internet feed will deliver even more content.

This is where the new AURA, from Humax, comes in. It’s powered by Android TV and comes with Google Assistant built-in. Not only that, but it’ll do Chromecast and you can grab apps from Google Play too. It’s the first Freeview Play Recorder powered by Android TV with 4K HDR picture quality.

The box also has access into Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BT Sport and every other streaming and Google Play app you could shake a stick at. Couple all that with dozens of subscription-free channels, 20,000+ hours of on-demand entertainment, a quick and easy set-up and an Android and iOS app to do remote planning, recording and viewing on the go – boom. Good package that.

You’re also not strapped to one screen with this – it’ll let you download and watch TV on your mobile devices, or you can stream content from the box to other devices in the house via Chromecast. There’s also dedicated Kids’ Zone, three digital tuners and you can either have 1TB or 2TB storage.

This will be available next month from Amazon, Humax Direct and other electrical retailers for £249 for the 1TB model and £279 for the 2TB version. More details on