Another microSD deal – and this time it’s even better

Was it only yesterday that I was wittering on about a 256GB microSD card for £49.99? Well, in my tiny little mind I thought that was a good price. However, perhaps it’s a combination of the drugs I’m on, but today there’s a far better offer for you.

If you’ve got just £9.99 you can get this 128GB microSD card from Picstop.

This is what I paid for a 32GB card 2 years ago!

That’s particularly mad because I’ve just found the receipt for the 32GB card I bought a couple of years ago from the same place, an that was nearly the same price!

The the 128GB microSD card has 50% off and free delivery so, if your phone has a slot, slip it in baby. It’s a SanDisk Ultra Micro SD card with 80MB/s Class 10 performance.