MP Magic Socks – Review

Every winter we have the same problem. It gets cold, we crank the heating up and put crazy thick slippers or socks on. Thick socks seem like a good idea, and do tend to keep your feet warm, but due to their thickness there’s always a problem getting them in your shoes, trainers or even boots. I’ve lost count of the amount of times that the traditional thick socks have come off inside my boots, resulting in my plodding around in the snow with boots and bare feet while the socks are all scrunched up at the bottom.

Now, the guys from MP Magic Socks got in touch and they’ve given us these MP Merino Wool Socks to review. They’re $19 per pair, which works out at £14.71. OK sure, that might seem a lot but these thing will keep your feet at 37.5°C (99.5°F), no matter what the weather and… wow, they’re well made things t’boot.

Out of the packet, and they don’t feel any thicker or massively different to “normal” socks. Sure, there’s a definite change to the thread, weave and fibres on the top of the sock and on the toes too – good to see.

A nice comfortable inner lining – no snagging!

The Magic Socks are famed for being odourless. I can certainly attest to that, because I wore these things inside my stinky slippers and two things happened. One – I took my slippers off because my feet were warm enough already. Two, the “stink” from my slippers seemed to have no impact on the smell of my socks. My feet could breathe, there was no sweat, no pong and my feet were properly comfortable.

The odour-free magic works by using silver, copper and zinc-infused fibres to make an antibacterial fabric. They’ve even done microbiology tests to check for odour, bacteria and comfort.

What can I tell you about these socks then? Well, comfortable yes. Unassuming too – you can put them on and they’re not really a great deal thicker than your normal socks, so any shoes you wear are fine. They hold fairly tight too – so none of those “falling off in your boots” problems. The tight and differential weave in the yarn also means that these socks are strong and long-lasting. We’ve had two pairs and washed them twice – no shrinkage or holes so far and I doubt that’ll be happening any time soon.

As you can see from some of these shots, it looks like there’s two “vents” at the top of each foot and you’d think that these would actually make your feet cold, but they don’t – these are to remove any sweat and – believe me (I’m wearing them right now and it’s a cold Autumnal day) – my feet are not cold.

The only thing I would say about these socks is that there’s no grips on the bottom, so you do tend to slide a bit on wood flooring. However, there’s a big range of socks available on the MP website to choose from.

Whilst I’m here, I should mention that the MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks are on Indiegogo now! They’re 70% Merino wool, machine washable, anti-odour, ultra-comfortable, durable and the ideal winter socks.

As mentioned throughout this review, these are the ideal socks for the colder months. I only wish I’d found these last winter when I was cycling – any cyclist will tell you just how cold your feet can get, and with these working in the dry or wet, they’re the ideal solution for cold feet. They fit perfectly, they’re comfortable, they’re incredibly well stitched together and they come with some incredible technology to ensure that your feet remain warm.

Highly recommended from us on Coolsmartphone! Get them from the MP Merino Wool Socks product page.