Call internationally from just £5 per month with Three

Last year I was in Malta. Whilst in the sunshine I called home, safe in the knowledge that I was in an EU country and I was calling another EU country. The cost was included in my plan and there were no big bill shocks.

However, when you get home and call another country, the costs suddenly smack you in the face. They can be pretty bonkers too, so never assume that it’s going to be as cheap to call a foreign country from home – even if it’s in the EU.

Now Three have added some new international calling Add-ons, allowing customers to call abroad for as little as £5 a month. The “call abroad add-ons” will let you call 55 countries and speak to friends, family and colleagues without the hefty cost.

There’s a couple of options…

Call Abroad 100: 100 minutes of calls to landlines and mobiles across 55 countries** for just £5 per month
Call Abroad Unlimited: Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles across 55 countries for just £10 per month

You can add and cancel at any time and you can just head to the My3 app, the Three website or call 333 from your Three phone. For more details, head to