Grab video from across the web – SnapDownloader

Here at Coolsmartphone we’ve previously taken a look at ways to archive and grab YouTube videos to your phone. There’s various online options out there, but for the most part they’re covered in pop-up ads, malware and lots of scary-looking downloads that can easily confuse most users.

If you’ve got a Windows PC, laptop or Apple Mac, there’s a much more straightforward way of grabbing those educational, personal or other important videos which you may want to keep or watch offline. Plus, let’s admit it – you may also want a video so that you can forward it on WhatsApp or some other type of social media.

Called SnapDownloader, it’s a completely free app which not only grabs YouTube videos but also does Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit videos too. That’s just the start – it supports over 900 different websites and it’ll even grab those funky VR videos you might’ve seen too.

Able to download in 8k, 4k, QHD, 1080p, 720p, and more, you can also grab entire YouTube playlists or channels – batching up and even scheduling multiple videos and downloading them in the background without having to worry. There’s also the ability to bypass geo-restrictions by using a proxy so that you can grab videos that are normally blocked in your country.

For those wanting just the MP3, SnapDownloader also has the option of grabbing the audio track.

In addition, it’s all so super-simple to use. Once you’ve grabbed the application it’s then just a matter of pasting the video link, selecting the format and quality you want to output it as and then downloading it.

Give it a try yourself and find out more!