Aznu – Refurbished phones, done differently

A new name in the refurbished handset market has just appeared – Aznu (“As New”, Geddit?). Available exclusively from Argos, they will have a premium range of Samsung S devices for a budget-friendly price.

Aznu will guarantee that phones are free from scratches, scuffs, dents or marks. Not only that, but they all have a one-year warranty and all the original manufacturers parts in the box.

There’s no “grading” on their handsets – all phones are sold on a “single premium standard”. This includes the fact that the battery in the phones they sell is covered by a 6 month warranty. A great idea when you consider that used phones often have batteries which have been charged multiple times, reducing their lifespan. All Aznu phones therefore get batteries with a minimum of 85% of their original life.

Head here to see the range or go to the Aznu website for more info. Just buy the phone, grab yourself a SIM-only deal and save yourself a whole heap of money. Prices start at just £229.99 for a Galaxy S7 32GB model.