Vekkit e-bikes now get 2-speed motors

You remember these guys, right?

They sell conversion kits to turn your “normal” bike into an e-bike. We covered all this back in June, including how it all fits together.

Now they’ve got a new 2-speed motor, so you can knock it into a lower “gear” effectively to go up hills, before notching it back up to increase speed after.

The first “speed mode” has more power and a maximum speed of 15 km/h and the second one has higher speed and uses less power. Good for cruising. You can easily switch using the handlebar remote or the Vekkit smartphone app. There is also an auto-switch option which can kick in when you hit 15 km/h (about 9 mph) the mode is automatically changed to the second, which takes you up to 25 km/h / 15.5 mph (UK and EU). It’s a 36V 250W motor and you can choose between two batteries – a 232 Wh (1.2kg) battery for a 50km (31 mile) range or a 360 Wh unit (which is heavier at 1.7kg) for an almost 56 mile range.

Available wheel sizes are 20″-29″ and the new kits will be available in versions with the front and rear motor.