OnePlus Nord – Buy it tomorrow!

Whatcha doing tomorrow? Fancy buying a new phone? One that has so many of those flagship specs, but for a fraction of the cost?

At 9AM BST (10AM CET) the OnePlus Nord goes on sale. It’s available in Blue Marble and Gray Onyx, with the 8GB/128GB version costing just £379 and the 12GB/256GB version going for £469. You can buy it on the OnePlus website, plus Three will be taking it. You can also buy from Amazon and John Lewis.

We’ve got a chunk OnePlus Nord review online already but, if you want the short version – go buy it.

If you want the slightly longer version, here’s our unboxing…

If you can trade-in or sell your old phone and drop some cash down, buying this out-right and then sticking a SIM-only contract on is going to save you so much money. Plus, the phone is a-mezz-in.