The new Vodafone Smart GPS Tracker – Curve

This is a little tracker doo-hickey that you pop into or onto your valuables. It’s just £20 from Vodafone to buy, then you pay £2 per month to keep it working.

Called “Curve” it’s part of a range of Vodafone smart tech products and will track your stuff via GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile triangulation. It’s also waterproof (IP67) and has up to seven days of battery life.

It’s simple to use, super-portable, small and connects to the internet to send updates to your smartphone. There’s both real-time tracking and a smart location history feature. It’s available in either Dove or Slate and you can also create mapped areas so you’re notified if your prized possession leaves or enters a preset area.

Head to the Vodafone Smart Devices pages for more information on this gadget.