E-Bikes. Now Triumph Motorcycles are doing them too.

A Triumph bike for less than £3,000?! Well yes, but this is an e-bike, not a motorbike or ….. errr.. an electric motorbike..

Confusing isn’t it? There’s electric motorbikes (like these) which are basically motorbikes powered by electric. Then there’s electric bikes (bicycles / cycles) which are electric-assisted .. err.. pushbikes.

The latter is what 118-year old Triumph have created, and they’ve called it the Triumph Trekker GT E-Bicycle. It’s said to incorporate everlasting passion for performance and riding fun. The electric drive weighs just 2.88 kg, and it’s got a massive 150km (about 92 mile) range per charge. This is thanks to the Shimano 250w powertrain – a E6100 motor and a fully integrated Shimano E8035 504Wh battery.

The company have concealed all the key components into an elegant, stylised frame which offers an ergonomic and comfortable ride.

You get integrated LED lighting, full length matt-black mudguards, blacked-out pannier rack, side stand and an ABUS pro-shield integrated lock. It’s going to be available in the UK, United States and beyond.

Head to their website for more info.