Virgin Media to close UK stores

Liberty Global will not be reopening any of their 53 Virgin Media high street stores, even after the lockdown eases further.

This was, in all honesty, coming down the road for a bit after other stores were closed, but now – with most orders coming from the phone or internet – there’s less of a reason for stores to exist. The store staff will be offered roles elsewhere in the company – such as on the customer service lines or in sales roles.

Rob Orr, VM’s Executive Director of Sales, told us…

We are focused on delivering the service customers want, in the ways they want it and at a time and a place that suits them. By creating new jobs in our most popular care and sales channels, we will be better able to provide our customers with the top service and support they rightly expect while retaining our talented workforce.

The company have created or “insourced” more than 1,500 roles to help with service calls, install and service activity.