OPPO phones arriving on Virgin Media

MVNO Virgin Media, currenrtly operating on EE masts, has announced that they will be ranging OPPO handsets. The manufacturer, covered here will be available in a matter of days on the Virgin Media website.

Virgin tell us that a “wide range of OPPO 5G” will be ready for pre-order on a range of fast and flexible mobile plans.

Kevin Cho, Managing Director of OPPO Mobile UK, told us..

We are thrilled to bring our industry-leading 5G products and technologies to Virgin Media this summer. We believe this collaboration will give consumers more choice and help advance 5G adoption in the UK. As a leading smartphone brand with an extensive product portfolio and advanced 5G technology know-how, we look forward to a long-lasting partnership with Virgin Media

Customers buying an OPPO 5G device with a Freestyle contract will be upgraded to 5G for free once Virgin Media’s 5G services are available. Virgin uses EE masts right now, but they will be switching to Vodafone masts in late 2021, and it looks like you might have to wait until then to get your Virgin Media 5G fix.

If you want to learn more about OPPO, check our coverage here. We’re asking Virgin which phones they will be carrying.