The 5G Coronavirus conspiracies go up another level

Back in February we covered the fact that a certain hard-core section of society kept pushing the idea that 5G was causing or started COVID-19. It was followed by masts being set on fire and network engineers being abused and bullied in the street by people thinking that their work was causing “chemtrails” and “weaponizing” masts.

All complete cobblers of course, but now things have jumped up another gear. The jury is still out on whether this is a prankster pranking the conspiracy-believers, but we think that it’s probably the best explanation….

As with our original story on this, the video will probably get taken down soon enough by YouTube, but it’s both hilarious and worrying at the same time. First, people actually believe this madness – despite only using social media for their “research”. Secondly, there’s so many holes in the “proof” above but many are no longer taking time to do fact checking.

After all, with the US President peddling an unproven drug, who cares about facts?

So, here’s the deal. This guy is driving a van which no mast engineer in the UK would use. It’s at least 20 years old and is falling to pieces by the looks of it. Secondly, he’s covered his face with a mask made from material due to the coronavirus, but is at the same time suggesting that radio waves are causing coronavirus.

Oh, and let’s not forget the most important bit. His “network component” has a SCART socket on, which indicates that he’s basically talking a load of arse. By the looks of the helmet he’s wearing, I’d say that this is basically a builder, electrician or a carpenter who’s just “having a laugh”.

You can even – just about – see the remnants of the set-top box on his bonnet (hood). The board seems to be part of a Cisco Virgin Media box.

And the “COV-19” label? Well, he’s knocked that up himself and stuck it on for the kicks and the YouTube / Twitter / Instagram fame.

Don’t believe everything you see or read.