Just how hot is your meat? Your smartphone can help you become a BBQ King!

With summer holidays written off, we’ll probably be spending more time and money in our own gardens this year. If you’ve got yourself (or you’re planning on getting) a barbeque, there’s always that worrying “is it or isn’t it” cooked question.

So this, my friends, is the ultimate wireless meat thermometer. It’ll ensure that, whether you’re using a rustic fire pit or a modern BBQ, your meat is succulent and safe to eat.

Via a wireless connection and a smartphone app, it’ll provide a smart guided cooking system to make you a garden masterchef. It doesn’t matter what you’re cooking – salmon, pork chops, steak, sausages, burgers and whatever else you’ve got. The “MEATER” ensures that your meat is perfectly grilled and to your preferred taste.

The company have announced two new BBQ bundles which are available on their website

1. MEATER+ and Bar Blade – discounted price at £104

2. MEATER Block, Mitts and Bar Blade – discounted price at £294

Head to www.meater.com or their UK store for more information or check the video below..