Vissles-W 3-in-1 wireless charger – Review

Charging your techy stuff is still a messy nightmare. It becomes even worse when you buy additional gadgets. It’s not just your phone any more, oh no – now you’ve got a watch and some headphones to charge too.

Cables all over your kitchen? Your bedroom? Elsewhere? It’s just rubbish really.

Wireless charging is great, and a lot of Apple devices in particular are using this, but you need a wireless charging base big enough and sleek enough to go with your iGadgets.

This, then, is the Vissles-W 3-in-1 wireless charger. It ticks the box on design, looking incredibly thin and beautifully polished. Not only that, but there’s a lot of thought and design in this too.

The instructions, which I usually ignore, are well written and come with clear diagrams to get you started quickly. For the Apple fan, you can put your Apple Watch, your iPhone and your Airpods on here.

The Airpods charge via a clever little plug which goes into the base of your AirPods charging case. It’ll wirelessly charge and magnetically sit firmly on the base at the same time.

Not only that but, if you pop open the charger itself (using the triangle opener), you can install the Apple Watch cable. Flip it open and you put the 1 metre charging cable into the perfect groove which is wound around the inside. The Apple Watch charger then fits precisely in the hole which has been left at one end of the device. Nice eh?

Unfortunately I don’t have an Apple Watch to show you, but there’s a lovely soft white LED light to let you know when charging happening.

Lastly, your iPhone. It’ll do the iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 and so on. It’ll also do other phones that support wireless charging – so you’re Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, S10 and so on.

There’s a USB-C cable supplied – you just whack that into a USB port and you’re done. It’ll safely deliver up to 10W of power to your phone and works provided your phone case is less than 3mm thick. If you’ve got a particularly chunky case then you may need to remove it.

This looks great on a desktop, in an office, in a bedroom.

Here’s a look at it in video…

Head here for the details. Although the prices will appear in USD, you can switch to your local currency and, when I clicked through, the shipping here to the UK is completely free. That’s proper good!

It’s $45 or £36.14, which is about the right price considering. Honestly, this isn’t just some random Chinese accessory. A tremendous amount of time and thought gone into this. Everything works perfectly and it suits the iPhone, Airpods and Watch perfectly.

Update – We’ve now got a 20% Coupon Code for Coolsmartphone readers! Just use the code “VISSLES” at the checkout to bring it down to $36, which is around £29.